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Bunk bazaar is a mobile application for students to manage their attendance. Its free and open source. Protected under GNU/GPL license.

Bunk Bazaar Plans

Posted by Sanjeev Gopinath Sunday, 29 November 2009

Bunk Bazaar has been a good hit among the SASTRA Students. Its been working great too. Now its time to think beyond the horizon and start working on better things. Good till now, Bunk Bazaar had a classic appearance that suited its need. But not anymore!!
The application is going to feature cool looks and better user interface. According to the plans, Bunk Bazaar will come in two editions. The Classic is going to be retained with few more additions here and there. A new edition - Bunk Bazaar - Student Suite will be introduced soon. The Student Edition will feature better management of bunks, timetable, marks and other things...
The main motto is to make it for commercial purposes. Hence it'll be provided with serial numbers and other formal stuff. Stay tuned for more...
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